Operating from Jersey

UK licenses are valid for ALL parts of the UK.  Even though Jersey is NOT part of the UK (it is part of the British Isles) for amateur radio purposes it is taken-as-read that we are part of the UK.
Callsigns merely change to indicate the prefix of the area you are in. e.g. G0XYZ (or GW0XYZ) becomes GJ0XYZ, etc.
CEPT licenses are also valid with calls becoming MJ/homecall.

Shack Rental
The JARS club HQ at La Moye can be booked for visiting operations.

Please identify any contest that you may wish to operate from Jersey and Email Us to check availability.

The shack is available on a first-come first-served basis. Confirmed reservations will be filled first. Use of the Club Station is ONLY available to club members. Overseas membership is available to non-residents of Jersey, currently £15.00 per year.

A rental charge of £80.00 is payable for each operation  by overseas members. Full club members who wish to use the club for contest purposes shall make a donation of not less than £20.00 to the club. A booked operation may consist of up to seven consecutive days.

To persons not known to the club a deposit of £200.00 is required. This will be returned following an inspection to ensure the club is left in a clean and tidy condition and all equipment is connected and operational as it was prior to the operation.

Accommodation in a hotel, guesthouse or campsite MUST be booked for the duration of your stay. The clubhouse is not permitted to provide accommodation for visitors.

Unless an arrangement has been made in advance, priority is to be given to club members who may wish to use the shack on club nights (currently Monday and Friday 20:00 – 22:30). Any damage must be repaired or paid for.

The GJ2A callsign may only be used by club members and is ONLY available for use during certain specified contests. It may NOT be used before or after the contest.

If any of the club Callsigns are used, GJ3DVC, GJ2A or GJ8RVT an electronic copy of the log must be emailed to the club secretary

The management committee of the club may vary these terms and conditions at any time.

QSL Cards
Any operation from Jersey WILL draw QSL cards through the bureau.  Visitors planning to use a GJxxxx or MJxxxx  callsign should remember to:

  • Leave a supply of stamped C5 envelopes at the club house or send them to Mathieu  MJ0ASP, QSL Bureau Manager for Jersey.
  • Create a QRZ.com entry with your Jersey callsign, indicating the correct QSL route.

Please note that unclaimed cards can only be kept for a maximum of 6 months.